RAID and Lion’s File Vault disk data recovery encryption do not mix

File vault is meant to encrypt startup data recovery of your Mac PC. This helps to prevent authorization of access to the information on your disk. Making it more safe and secure. In a world that people are using information to bring you down, this can be a good idea to install if you are a Mac PC owner. 

Recently it was discovered that there are some of the fire vault disk encryption that do not mix. This has caused about a bit of confusion. Am talking about the Raid and Lion fire vault. 

Both of them are good fire vault disk encryption as themselves, but one may decide to change from one fire vault to the other or try using the both. This is not possible. Because the RAID and Lions fire vault Disk encryption does not mix.

 The Raid also cannot mix with other fire vault including Maverick. 

The lion fire vault do not allow you to make any encrypted file system on a RAID volume. It is a bit confusing because there is such an option in the command line. There is consequences in case you want to encrypt on RAID volume.

 Chances are you may lose all the data on the disks, hence if you have to, you need to have a backup for the most sensitive and important data. 

This is actually very tragic if you think about it. For someone to choose using the fire vault it only means there are sensitive data he or she needs to keep safe from unauthorized people or the public.

 As we discuss this, some people have become victim to the mistake of trying to mix the both fire vault disk encryptions.

When installing your system the lion fire vault and yet it has been configured to the RAID volume, it will always give you a warning statement: “some features of mac OS X Lion are not supported for the disk” this includes the fire vault feature. 

Therefore you have 2 option to continue with the installation, one is discover what features are missing or reconfigure your drive with lion as the setup and freshly partition your volume.

 If you choose the second option of reconfiguring your drive, you can do it in two ways. 

The lion installation is one method of reconfiguring.

 Create a boot DVD from Lion installer, use Disk Utility booting to that DVD, it will destroy the RAID, then setup a fresh lion installation. Always ensure you have a backup before repartitioning. This includes using the Time Machine Backup which is in the setting. 

The second way is the Snow Leopard. You have to reconfigure your drives using the old Snow Leopard installation DVD.

 Boot it to the snow leopard installation disk, this disk utility will kill the RAID Volume, then restore your backup and install the Lion installer than you will be able to set up recovery partition property.