When analyzing and evaluating the internal control system in organization during acquisition

It is important for one How using forensic investigative DETECT FRAUD DURING AN ACQUISITION tools can detect fraud during an acquisition to obtain a good definition in the work area of what activities constitutes fraud. There are many resources that can help owners of .

The companies to understand fraud.The first thing the administrators must understand the legal concept of fraud, that is the people conducting.

the investigations must uphold high standard when it comes to evidence, because the fraud allegations that they present or rise can lead to fines, imprisonment, termination of the managers and employees in the company. There are common frauds that occur during and acquisition such as: 

Asset misappropriation – This is where an employee has stolen or miss used organization resources.

Corruption – This is where the employees conduct his transactions in a manner that violates the company policies e.g. taking and giving bribes.



Financial statement fraud – This where by an employee omits or misstatement the financial report intentionally.

Analyzing and acquiring computer files in the company using recognized tools and techniques such as: X-Ways Forensics.


This is a very advance and efficient tool for conducting investigations. It is compatible with all Widows version and it is efficient because of it can read files system structures that are in various image, it uses templates to edit and view binary digit structures, it can detect, deleted and lost hard disk partition.

it supports file systems such as UDF and many more, it calculates in bulk, it produces data accurately, it enables one to view pictures in gallery, clone image in a disk and many more.

Analyzing and acquiring emails -Since emails are mostly used by companies as a communication tool, most investigators put more focus on emails when detecting fraud and gathering evidence.

Though it is a challenge for investigators due to large and high volume of emails, most emails are found in different places such as network, hard drives and backups.

Some emails also have attachments that have crucial evidence matter. Irrespective of this challenge forensic tools used indentifies duplicated emails that were deleted in the entire network and also search attachments and emails by use of keyword reducing the emails and indentifying all documents.

Accounting and transacting data – these forensic tools are used to extract data from ledger in organizations in order to indentify fraudulent transaction. This involves electronic media, document review and interviews. The forensic investigators use their tools to mine data by looking at pattern anomalies and trends in the data using Meta data to find out the size of the file,

the name of the computer file, the date the file was created and modified, the name of the person who changed the file and the location where the file was stored or changed.

All this forensic tools are used to analyze and indentify fraudulent act and atrocities in organizations. The tools mentioned above are very crucial and are not arranged in the order of the most popular or the greatest forensic tool in the world. They help retrieve hidden and deleted files in the computer and also trace emails.