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5 Reasons Why Your Battery Life Isn’t What It Used To Be

Battery life is one of the smartphones that have not been improved as much as other technologies. In case you are a customer who trusts your cell phone permanently, spending a whole day with a single charge can be a difficult task. Although there are USB batteries and batteries, as well as phones specially designed for their vast batteries, this is not always enough. In any case, there are also things you can change depending on how you use your phone, which can help you save battery life. There are, for example, obvious battery killers who play or watch videos, but some factors are less well known.

5 Reasons Why Your Battery Life Isn’t What It Used To Be

a) Screen Brightness

As mobile phone screens get bigger, brighter, and more resolution, the impact on battery life can be severe. While you usually cannot do much with your phone without using your screen, there are several things you can do to reduce the damage you have to battery life. In Android devices, the most important thing to do is enable adaptive brightness so that your cell phone naturally adapts to the smallest amount of light you need. It is significantly smarter than Android’s “Auto-Shine” brightness in the past.

b) Using Bluetooth

When listening to music, you may also have used a Bluetooth speaker or a paired wireless headset for long periods of time. Tragically, having your Bluetooth on all day is extracting extra juice from your phone’s battery. In fact, it is an incredibly horrible aspect of not having a headphone jack and switching to a wireless headset. There is no way to avoid this. However, this is an essential comment as you strive to save juice for later in the day.

c) Music streaming

If you stream music or podcasts throughout the day through services such as Spotify or Apple Music, you’ll find that the battery life does not last as long as the privately stored music collection. You can do very little (in addition to just logging into your phone). However, you can try downloading songs to your phone using offline in Spotify (and download podcasts before), which will prevent transmission of the majority of this audio.

d) Refreshing the background app

Highlighting the application update in the background in iOS can be a useful way to allow your applications to update their reservation status actively when they are on WiFi or in the mobile service. Anyway, they can also absorb the whole life of the battery. You can alternate completely to make sure you get the most out of the battery. In any case, you may also experience running out of your application and turn it on or off so you can choose the apps you need to cool down. If you are interested in applications that consume the battery, go directly to the battery configuration, where you can see which applications consume more than necessary without much effort.

e) GPS

Finally, applications that use GPS or location services can be substantial battery lollipops. Since Google Maps or Apple Maps are running, the battery life will be significant. It’s not essential to disable location services, but apps like Google Maps must be manually closed when you land at your destination. Manual closing of applications is simple in both iOS and Android. On iOS, tap Start Capture twice and drag the app. In Android, tap and pull the application selector.

Advantages of Android Based Mobile Phones

Technology is an active phenomenon. It always strives for improvement. By the means of new inventions and discoveries, technology is modified and modernized to make our life easier. A mobile phone is one of the great inventions of technological advancement. With the advent of mobile phones, communication becomes easier, simple and cheap. One can talk to their friends, family or colleagues from almost anywhere whenever they choose to. Even, the mobile technology is continuously being innovated and revolutionized to enhance communication.

With the power of high-end technology, mobile phones are continuously reinvented with advanced features. Diverse technologies are integrated to make mobiles capable of fulfilling all communication needs. Android mobile phone is one such great example of technological enhancement. As a matter of fact, in recent times, Android-based mobile has become a top choice for both commercial and personal use by cell phone users.

Android Mobile Phone

Google Android is an open source software stack which is used by android based mobile phones. It includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications and provides tools and APIs essential for developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Advantages of Android Mobile Phone


Android mobile phone can run multiple applications which enable users to save time and efforts. It has many useful applications to make your life easier. For example, in Android phones with a physical keyboard, there is a list of shortcuts like Search+E for opening the e-mail. You can also easily upload any file with a USB cable, or by Wi-Fi capability. Android-based mobile phones can be adorned with many advanced applications such as games, music, social networking, video, movies, maps/ navigation, news/ weather etc.


If you want to add some more features to your mobile, Android-based mobile can easily be customized with a wide range of application using the Google Android platform. Customers can personalize their handsets with many features such as an opening screen, RSS feeds, weather details etc.

Web Compatibility

Android-based mobile phones are compatible with any downloaded application. Such phones are capable of running various websites that can be run on PCs and can support broadband internet which is based on 3G networks. Whether you want to update your Facebook profile or check your emails, you can enjoy all your favorite websites anytime without any difficulty. Android-based mobile also serves great in terms of speed, power, and efficiency.