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RAID and Lion’s File Vault disk data recovery encryption do not mix

File vault is meant to encrypt startup data recovery of your Mac PC. This helps to prevent authorization of access to the information on your disk. Making it more safe and secure. In a world that people are using information to bring you down, this can be a good idea to install if you are a Mac PC owner. 

Recently it was discovered that there are some of the fire vault disk encryption that do not mix. This has caused about a bit of confusion. Am talking about the Raid and Lion fire vault. 

Both of them are good fire vault disk encryption as themselves, but one may decide to change from one fire vault to the other or try using the both. This is not possible. Because the RAID and Lions fire vault Disk encryption does not mix.

 The Raid also cannot mix with other fire vault including Maverick. 

The lion fire vault do not allow you to make any encrypted file system on a RAID volume. It is a bit confusing because there is such an option in the command line. There is consequences in case you want to encrypt on RAID volume.

 Chances are you may lose all the data on the disks, hence if you have to, you need to have a backup for the most sensitive and important data. 

This is actually very tragic if you think about it. For someone to choose using the fire vault it only means there are sensitive data he or she needs to keep safe from unauthorized people or the public.

 As we discuss this, some people have become victim to the mistake of trying to mix the both fire vault disk encryptions.

When installing your system the lion fire vault and yet it has been configured to the RAID volume, it will always give you a warning statement: “some features of mac OS X Lion are not supported for the disk” this includes the fire vault feature. 

Therefore you have 2 option to continue with the installation, one is discover what features are missing or reconfigure your drive with lion as the setup and freshly partition your volume.

 If you choose the second option of reconfiguring your drive, you can do it in two ways. 

The lion installation is one method of reconfiguring.

 Create a boot DVD from Lion installer, use Disk Utility booting to that DVD, it will destroy the RAID, then setup a fresh lion installation. Always ensure you have a backup before repartitioning. This includes using the Time Machine Backup which is in the setting. 

The second way is the Snow Leopard. You have to reconfigure your drives using the old Snow Leopard installation DVD.

 Boot it to the snow leopard installation disk, this disk utility will kill the RAID Volume, then restore your backup and install the Lion installer than you will be able to set up recovery partition property. 

Data Recovery is Taking Innovative Change as Storage Devices Evolve

Storage devices have evolved a great deal over the years, and data recovery itself has changed at the same time and in the same way. For one thing, data storage devices used to have such an alarmingly low capacity compared to what people have at their disposal today that data storage devices were only going to be capable of so much.

The floppy disks were the original data storage devices that people used. People could fill up entire floppy disks with the pages of the books that they were trying to write, given how small the capacity of these disks really was. Floppy disks were extremely fragile outside of their hard plastic shell. They could get easily damaged even with their hard, plastic shell, and the entire contents of the floppy disk would be damaged at the same time.

Compact disks were introduced later, and they had more of a storage capacity. However, they were also prone to getting scratched and damaged, which was only going to increase the odds that these devices would eventually be destroyed and take all of their important stored information with them. Zip disks were introduced later, and they had more than seventy times the storage capacity of the floppy disks that they managed to partly replace.

However, even though they were capable of storing more data, zip disks were going to be just as vulnerable as all other external portable storage devices. The USB drives and external hard drives that replaced them in the twenty-first century were more of the same at the end of the day. These had an even greater storage capacity, which managed to give a lot of people a false sense of security when it came to backing up all of their files. However, these storage devices all suffered from the same fatal flaw: they were portable and the data would get destroyed if they got destroyed. Data recovery is only going to be possible under very limited circumstances when people are relying on devices like these, since the devices need to be okay for data recovery to even be possible.

Tampa data recovery service is taking innovative change as storage devices evolve, and the most innovative change is that storage devices are no longer portable or entirely tangible. People are backing up their information on the cloud today. The storage servers that hold the information that is accessible on the cloud are going to be accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection. Before cloud computing, some people used to back up their files with their email accounts, which probably managed to help them save more information than the floppy disks ever did. People can still do this today, and they can be sure to keep all of their information on the ubiquitous and stable cloud.

The servers maintaining the cloud are strong. The cloud is intangible and invulnerable. The cloud is also ubiquitous. It’s not going to get lost, damaged, stolen, or discarded like the portable storage devices of old. It’s also going to be used longer than them for that reason. Notes from: Data Analyzers Data Recovery Tampa

The 5 Most Trustworthy Backup Tools for WordPress

WordPress is among the most

data recovery in Miami reliable and extensively used systems management software. It makes informative blogs and business websites with adequate ease of configuration and usage. Its simplicity is a guarantee since even a beginner can apply it accordingly. This is as per their needs in launching new websites within the shortest time.

The following, which should protect your work against hackers and attacks from viruses, are the five most reliable backup tools for use in WordPress

It’s among the greatest and dominant backup plugin. BackWPup is the most reliable backup in terms of securing data in the future. It undertakes repairs and effectively checks your database by optimizing it. It stores database at your convenience in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Rackspace Cloud etc. It can perform 388,929 number of downloads and counting. 

This plugin is the second rated from BackWPup. That is in terms of reliability, and convenience. It secures data for the future. It is a remarkable backup tool that secures an entire system’s files and data at your expediency. Additionally, it uses low memory while operating on a public domain. It can perform a slightly lower number of downloads than the BackWPup backup plugin. This amounts to 385,746 downloads and counting.

This is the third rated backup in this list of most dominant backup plugin. However,it is an incredible invention designed by ‘Free diver’. It makes possible for management ofmanifold WordPress websites from one system panel. It facilitates data security and upgrades your themes, WordPress, and used plugins. It can perform slightly lower number of downloads and counting than BackUpWordPressplugin. This amounts to 277,920 downloads and counting. 

WordPress-Backup-to-Dropbox plugin ranks number four in this list of backup plugin. As the name proposes, it takes the backup of the WordPress created blog or website moves it to the data to Dropbox. It operates well when there is a smooth working of the plugin.

This will facilitate good care of your database. The configuration of the backup plugin is reliant on your convenience and needs. The Dropbox will form the basis of your backup plugin authorization. It can perform a slightly lower number of downloads than ManageWP-Worker Backup Tool. This amounts to roughly 233,817 downloads.  

UpdraftPlus Backup assimilates a vast variety of storage services. This enables you store your backups adequately at your convenience. It allows you to choose themes, plugins, and content to backup. It helps to restore specific files for your database on the site at your convenience. Using UpdraftPlus Backup Tool, you can set up manifold programmed backup tools favorable to your site.

These various programs are stored with Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and other storage locations. You can also use WebDAV or send the backup through email. For security purposes, the database backup requires encrypting. 

The last thing you want is to use innumerable time on work that you will later lose. You ultimately require complete backups tools for your WordPressand website. Organize it when you need it. A backup plugin tool is advisable for security of your data. It is advisable to get a plugin tool. This is essential to backing up your whole site making it easy to restore at your convenience. Reference: Data Recovery Services – Miami


When analyzing and evaluating the internal control system in organization during acquisition

It is important for one How using forensic investigative DETECT FRAUD DURING AN ACQUISITION tools can detect fraud during an acquisition to obtain a good definition in the work area of what activities constitutes fraud. There are many resources that can help owners of .

The companies to understand fraud.The first thing the administrators must understand the legal concept of fraud, that is the people conducting.

the investigations must uphold high standard when it comes to evidence, because the fraud allegations that they present or rise can lead to fines, imprisonment, termination of the managers and employees in the company. There are common frauds that occur during and acquisition such as: 

Asset misappropriation – This is where an employee has stolen or miss used organization resources.

Corruption – This is where the employees conduct his transactions in a manner that violates the company policies e.g. taking and giving bribes.



Financial statement fraud – This where by an employee omits or misstatement the financial report intentionally.

Analyzing and acquiring computer files in the company using recognized tools and techniques such as: X-Ways Forensics.


This is a very advance and efficient tool for conducting investigations. It is compatible with all Widows version and it is efficient because of it can read files system structures that are in various image, it uses templates to edit and view binary digit structures, it can detect, deleted and lost hard disk partition.

it supports file systems such as UDF and many more, it calculates in bulk, it produces data accurately, it enables one to view pictures in gallery, clone image in a disk and many more.

Analyzing and acquiring emails -Since emails are mostly used by companies as a communication tool, most investigators put more focus on emails when detecting fraud and gathering evidence.

Though it is a challenge for investigators due to large and high volume of emails, most emails are found in different places such as network, hard drives and backups.

Some emails also have attachments that have crucial evidence matter. Irrespective of this challenge forensic tools used indentifies duplicated emails that were deleted in the entire network and also search attachments and emails by use of keyword reducing the emails and indentifying all documents.

Accounting and transacting data – these forensic tools are used to extract data from ledger in organizations in order to indentify fraudulent transaction. This involves electronic media, document review and interviews. The forensic investigators use their tools to mine data by looking at pattern anomalies and trends in the data using Meta data to find out the size of the file,

the name of the computer file, the date the file was created and modified, the name of the person who changed the file and the location where the file was stored or changed.

All this forensic tools are used to analyze and indentify fraudulent act and atrocities in organizations. The tools mentioned above are very crucial and are not arranged in the order of the most popular or the greatest forensic tool in the world. They help retrieve hidden and deleted files in the computer and also trace emails.

Box Opens to Introduce Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control

A top rated cloud storage and collaboration service provider is Box that has its headquarters located in Redwood City, California. Box Opens to Introduce Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control This company has recently made the business of encryption stress-free. Over forty-one million users rely on their services.

A new security product called Box KeySafe was introduced by the company in this past February. Companies can now have complete control over their own encryption keys for stored company information when choosing the Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control service, KeySafe. Aaron Levie is the founder of Box. The company has created a modern content platform.

Coca-Cola, GE, Procter & Gamble, and Eli Lilly are just a few major corporations who rely on Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control services provided by Box. This company has found a way of making customer-managed Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control to apply and more cost-effective to use saving people both time and money


They are experts for security in the cloud. If you are interested in Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control for your business, then you may choose from from two products which are physical appliance or as


a virtual appliance. These may be found in Amazon Web Services cloud. The first package from Box to use AWS and it is called Enterprise Key Management. This was a module used for key protection when encrypting sensitive data


Key-Safe provides many nice features that include maintaining the key over policies, unchangeable usage policies, proper access to encrypted data, audit logs, information access across devices, file preview, modern content platform, collaboration, and more. A version of this product is now available.

The price varies because it is based on the size of each customer’s deployment. Major companies rely on this one for the standard of their collaborating with their external partners.

This is a new and innovative service that allows customers to retain and manage their own keys. The Vice-president of the company is Rand Wacker. Keeping company information on premise is not a cost effective method anymore, but keeping it in the Cloud is.

A time and money saving option that could make a great investment in the future of your business. Customers receive their data key in a managed file SafeNet Inc. which is a hardware security module. This is an HSM. When a company experiences an information breach, they are referred to the government.

Companies must comply with the FBI or law enforcement orders. Interesting advanced technology has grown with Box. A business key is an important evolution in any business . Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control options are available by the company and you can select the right one for your company online. This company has high ratings for providing clients more .

Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control and choices for increased adoption. If you have been searching for good ways to protect your valuable investment, then this company can certainly help your company protect your essential information and only you will hold the key. You may discover that a Cloud-Based Key is perfect for your business.

Benefits of Moving Backup and Data Recovery to The Cloud

If you are in global search of an impeccable solution for thorough safeguard, backup and data recovery programs are wide-awake about your convenience and easiness. Complete solution programs allow ordinary users and organizations of all possible sizes to receive a plethora of benefits alongside with the latest backup technologies, disk cloning, virtualization and data recovery.

Introducing the opportunity of backup and data recovery to the cloud, you will always be provided with the most current backup of all paramount data, and moreover, no longer need to spend hours restoring and setup the system in the case of its failure.

There are diversified benefits of professional Backup & Recovery:

  • Various types of backup systems and data;
  • Recovery environment in the event of system failure;
  • Support all of today’s hard disk drives and solid state drives (SSD)
  • Creating virtual backups

For business environment, the backup and data recovery have the following undeniable pluses:

  • Ensures business continuity;\
  • Backups systems Win2K + without interruption using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (MS VSS) or Paragon Hot Processing;
  • Provides independence from the hardware with enhanced Adaptive Restore technology;
  • At a granular level of recovery reduces downtime resources and services;
  • Makes it available to use Console and Client for remote management

Both big- and small-scale businesses have realized the benefits of cloud storage, and today more than 10 trillion user objects are stored and recovered with the help of the cloud technology! Moreover, cloud store is not only growing every year, but is becoming cheaper and faster, especially in the case with analytical companies.

Most large and medium-sized companies have already made up their own solutions for data storage and processing. In this case, you may need a permanent solution for the expansion of cloud opportunities. Unique service of cloud is automatically archiving unused data in the cloud while retaining locally only the most frequently used data. This approach is already saving businesses 60 to 80% of the cost of the equipment!

Finally, the primary advantage of moving backup and data recovery in the cloud is the ability to introduce the location as normal network file storage, using standard protocols and the API, which allows you to migrate legacy applications without any restrictions. One of the great features of the cloud is the chance to use incredible amount of memory to allocate within existing job roles in the cache and efficiently save human resources.

Guide to preparing a disaster recovery plan for a small business

The aim of any disaster recovery plan is to prevent disaster from striking or preventing any further damage in case it was too late to prevent it and to help the business recover, shortest time possible from the impact of the disaster in case it caused a lot of damage.

How to go about preparing a disaster recovery plan

Steps followed include;

  • Acquire management commitment towards the plan, they are the overall head in the business and so for the plan to be effective it has to have a go ahead from the management.

  • Establishment of a planning committee, the process is quite involving and we can’t risk utilizing the business resources for an endeavor that will not yield results or burden a single person with the entire process. The committee is tasked with, developing the plan, evaluating it and implementing the recovery plan.

  • The planning committee conducts a risk analysis and its impact on business, its aimed at assessing the impact of disaster occurrence on the business such as safety of critical documents and vital records of the business and the extent of damage that may occur e.g. in case of a natural disaster. It then assesses the cost of minimizing these risks.

  • The committee evaluates and establishes the priorities (what is more crucial, that the business can’t do without) in each department and assesses the effect of them not functioning (how long can the business operations proceed without the service) so that they will be given priority in the recovery plan to prevent bringing the business activities into a stand still.

  • Having established the points of priority the committee evaluates the alternatives that will be used in the various process; in case this process fails, which is its alternative for the business to get running? Data is then collected on all equipment in the business and recorded, on employees; contact and back up contacts, insurance policies and all important records in the business and where they are located.

  • Having gathered the relevant information, the plan is then documented, stating every detail and procedure to be undertaken in case of disaster including whom to contact, measures to take before more help arrives, backup equipment and where to get them and how to access them too.

  • Once the plan is in place, it has to be tested to evaluate its efficiency, identify areas that need modification, in the process of testing, the team will gain training on what to do when the need arises. The test criteria are established by the committee and they facilitate the actual testing.

  • Once it’s texted and found to be effective and the appropriate modification made it’s submitted for approval by the management and on approval it becomes operational.

This is a simple guide that every manager of a small business will be able to follow and come up with a recovery plan. Protect your business data and ensure the going concern of your business.

Carbonite Buys EVault, Gains 200 Employees in Data Recovery

Mergers and acquisitions make companies stronger, and that is what happened to one of the Boston area’s technology pillars. Carbonite just got stronger. It is a data protection and cloud backup company which is acquiring San Francisco-based EVault for $14 million in cash.

The bigger change is that Carbonite is gaining 200-plus employees. It is also benefiting from plenty of business in business continuity and disaster recovery areas.

Before acquisition, Evault had a number of small and medium-sized businesses. The acquisition therefore means that Carbonite enjoys the expansion of its customer base which accounts for more than half of Carbonite’s bookings next year.

Carbonite had over 800 employees in total as at the time of the acquisition. The employee numbers and business is therefore much larger than before.

Carbonite is led by Mohamad Ali who is a veteran of Hewlett-Packard and IBM giants. He joined as CEO over the last year. Moreover, Carbonite was founded in 2005 and has been a publicly traded company since 2011. Carbonite owes its growth to a number of acquisitions and partly to its purchase of e-mail archiving firm MailStore in December 2015.

Still, EVault is a division of the data storage company Seagate Technology which has existed since the late 1970s. Furthermore, EVault section has been in operations since 1997 as a data-backup unit.

Carbonite now boasts of a competitive edge in the storage industry. It majors in personal backup, disaster-recovery-as-a-service and backup. It further has the option of engaging in bare-metal backup.

The services of Seagate’s EVault complement those of Carbonite. Seagate also sold off its Wuala cloud backup service that was under the management of Seagate subsidiary LaCie. Seagate seems to have lost interest in cloud backup services which is apparent from its evacuation plans.

Moreover, the $14 million was convincing enough to make Seagate want to do away with EVault. It is a move that investors in Carbonite are pleased with, and the company’s shares are up $0.46, or 5.07 per cent as at the time of the deal. Moreover, Carbonite says it has 1.5 million users today, a number which is heightened by EVault numbers.

Carbonite is named for the substance in which Star Wars almost-hero Han Solo is frozen. This gives this storage company its Star Wars angle. Carbonite also bought its way into a medium-sized business in cloud data protection.

The acquisition promotes the plans of Carbonite, who sell cloud backup mostly to consumers and small businesses, to move up the ladder to a larger SMBs and small enterprises. From a technology view, Carbonite was interested in acquiring the EVault’s failover capabilities which extends disaster recovery as a service.

The transitions are transformative to Carbonite who paid noticeably less for EVault cloud backup and disaster recovery than Seagate’s $185 million acquisition price in 2006. Carbonite acquired about 5,000 Seagate EVault customers, 200 employees and 500 service provider partners. It is a huge step forward for Carbonite in its plans to meet the entire data protection and business continuity needs of its market.

Laptop or Desktop: What’s Right For You?

When you are setting out to buy a new computer there will be a lot of things you will have to consider. You will wonder which brand to buy and what type of hard drive you need and all of that, but you will also wonder what will work best for you. Laptop or desktop: what’s right for you? What will meet your needs and keep you happy with your decision?

Consider What You Are Going To Do On The Computer

Your first thoughts should be to what you most want the computer for. If you will be editing pictures or videos, then it might be nice to have it set up on a desk. Or, if you will be writing, then you might want to take the computer with you from room to room, or even outside, anywhere where you will get some inspiration. If you are using it for any type of casual use, then you might prefer a laptop because it can be so easily transported.

A Laptop Is Great For Traveling

If you know that you will be traveling often, and you need to take your work with you, then you should definitely get a laptop instead of a desktop. You can use the computer on the plane, at the hotel, or wherever you may be. And it will be nice to have all of your files and everything on the computer rather than using a desktop in a hotel’s lobby, or settling for using your phone or tablet instead of a computer.We spoke to a data recovery company in Indianapolis and they informed us that generally speaking they receive more data recovery requests from Laptops compared to Desktops, as due to the mobility, they often get knocked around or fall to the floor. we thought that this might also be a point to consider that while there are many benefits to using a Laptop, they also are statistically speaking more likely to fail.

A Desktop Can Be Great For Gaming And More

There are many reasons why people choose to get a desktop, and one of them is for gaming. A desktop often has better capabilities when it comes to things like that. And a desktop can be more comfortable because you can set up your desk how you want and have the keyboard and mouse separate from the computer. There is also often more storage space on a desktop than a laptop.

It is all a matter of preference and depends on what kind of things you want to do with the computer. If you travel often and want to bring a computer with you, then it is a no-brainer. You should get a laptop for convenience sake. Or, if you think that you would like to sit still in one place while using your computer and that you want a device that will work well for editing photos or videos or playing games, then you should get a desktop. And you should find the best computer of either type so that you will be happy with how it runs. You will get excited about owning either type of computer when you choose the one that will meet all of your needs.

Is Fortnite the most successful game of 2017?

Fortnite has captured the imagination of game players in all new ways. That is a shooter that invites teams of players to join ranks together. Is Fortnite the most successful game of 2017? There are good signs that the game is on track to break these records. It is played by millions of fans worldwide and has been a genuine hit online. The sales figures may not be as high as established games like Call of Duty or Halo. But Fortnite has what it takes to make a definite impression on a lot of players on the market. Fortnite is worth a look for a good reason.

First, many players have praised the detail that goes in to the game. Each character can be customized in some special ways overall. Fortnite is proving to be the right option that players want to try. They can join up with their friends and host an incredible match on their own. Fortnite is a fun game and players want to try it for themselves. That is a popular initiative and players seem to signal their approval for the game. Find out what surprises and entertaining options await people who join along for the experience.

Initial reviews seem to be positive and critics are following the action. That is a good sign that the game itself is successful in every way possible. The multiplayer shooter depends on a lot of players joining the games in real time. That is a big challenge, but the design team has worked to see that through to the end. People really do take interest in the content that they see online. The critics have good things to say about the important new details that are emerging over time. That is a big step forward for those that are following the service. Fortnite is proving to be an important option that players want to consider.