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Cloud becoming a popular data backup solution data recovery of Miami is one of the hottest topics in data storage and file maintenance today. Both small and large companies are faced with the decision to move to the cloud or keep their data in storage onsite.

  • Since there are numerous reasons for using a data back up solution off site, people will need to review .
  • the pros and cons as they make their decision. With this being said, here are some benefits and disadvantage of using a cloud-based solution to store data. 

Cloud Based data storage solutions saves money 

  • Because companies are having a difficult time keeping their doors open today, it is very important that they make decisions that will help to save money so .
  • that their profits will grow. In order to do this effectively, the company has to review decisions like cloud-based solutions to see if they can save money.
  • Fortunately, there are some great ways to save money when a company chooses the cloud. For instance.
  • the individual or organization can save money when they do not have to buy additional hardware for their data back up systems.
  • Since a RAID design will often require the company to have several servers on site at a time.
  • the company would need to consider how a cloud-based storage system would solve their problems. One of the best ways
  • That it solves the problem of saving money is the company can use the hardware that others own, and they can keep the funds for financing new servers in their pocket.
  • Therefore, it can be major savings if the company is scheduled to buy several servers at a time. 

Remote Access to Data 


  1. In addition to saving the company money, it is important to note that a cloud-based storage solution is often preferred to an in-house solution because .
  2. it expedites the process of accessing information when an employee is offsite.
  3. It does not matter if the person is in transit or if they are at an entirely different location, the person can access informaton remotely by placing the data in the cloud.
  4. The information stored in a cloud can vary from one situation to another. So, it is essential for people to assess their needs as they make the best decision possible. 

Security of the Cloud Questioned 

  • While this type of data back up solution can save money and is great for those who need to access files remotely, it is still important to note that the security is in question.
  • This is because the tighter controls for operating any type of activity online comes into questions .
  • when it references security. For instance, the best type of security system for protecting data is normally on site.
  • With an onsite solution, the people who are responsible for the data can give access to the data on an as is basis.