Box Opens to Introduce Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control

A top rated cloud storage and collaboration service provider is Box that has its headquarters located in Redwood City, California. Box Opens to Introduce Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control This company has recently made the business of encryption stress-free. Over forty-one million users rely on their services.

A new security product called Box KeySafe was introduced by the company in this past February. Companies can now have complete control over their own encryption keys for stored company information when choosing the Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control service, KeySafe. Aaron Levie is the founder of Box. The company has created a modern content platform.

Coca-Cola, GE, Procter & Gamble, and Eli Lilly are just a few major corporations who rely on Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control services provided by Box. This company has found a way of making customer-managed Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control to apply and more cost-effective to use saving people both time and money


They are experts for security in the cloud. If you are interested in Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control for your business, then you may choose from from two products which are physical appliance or as


a virtual appliance. These may be found in Amazon Web Services cloud. The first package from Box to use AWS and it is called Enterprise Key Management. This was a module used for key protection when encrypting sensitive data


Key-Safe provides many nice features that include maintaining the key over policies, unchangeable usage policies, proper access to encrypted data, audit logs, information access across devices, file preview, modern content platform, collaboration, and more. A version of this product is now available.

The price varies because it is based on the size of each customer’s deployment. Major companies rely on this one for the standard of their collaborating with their external partners.

This is a new and innovative service that allows customers to retain and manage their own keys. The Vice-president of the company is Rand Wacker. Keeping company information on premise is not a cost effective method anymore, but keeping it in the Cloud is.

A time and money saving option that could make a great investment in the future of your business. Customers receive their data key in a managed file SafeNet Inc. which is a hardware security module. This is an HSM. When a company experiences an information breach, they are referred to the government.

Companies must comply with the FBI or law enforcement orders. Interesting advanced technology has grown with Box. A business key is an important evolution in any business . Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control options are available by the company and you can select the right one for your company online. This company has high ratings for providing clients more .

Cloud-Based Encryption Key Control and choices for increased adoption. If you have been searching for good ways to protect your valuable investment, then this company can certainly help your company protect your essential information and only you will hold the key. You may discover that a Cloud-Based Key is perfect for your business.