Is Fortnite the most successful game of 2017?

Fortnite has captured the imagination of game players in all new ways. That is a shooter that invites teams of players to join ranks together. Is Fortnite the most successful game of 2017? There are good signs that the game is on track to break these records. It is played by millions of fans worldwide […]

The Success of E-Sports in 2017

Video gaming has taken off in a number of ways recently. The success of e-sports in 2017 cannot be denied by critics anymore. Several popular games have changed the way that players look at video gaming in general. Players can compete online and make a name for themselves with new releases. That is a big […]

Why I have Bitcoin?

Now, Bitcoin has some amazing advantages because it runs on the blockchain. However, it’s also the reason I hate it. Not because it fluctuates. Not because countries cannot decide whether they want it. And not because markets close and open daily depending on whimsical regulations enforced by different countries. But because bitcoins popularity means that […]

Helpful How-to: Comparing Different Tablet Devices

There are tablets available from many different brands, and those who are interested in buying a tablet should compare them. They should think about what they care about most when it comes to a tablet, and they should look at the below information for a helpful how-to: comparing different tablet devices. Microsoft Tablets Are Good […]

5 Reasons Why Your Battery Life Isn’t What It Used To Be

Battery life is one of the smartphones that have not been improved as much as other technologies. In case you are a customer who trusts your cell phone permanently, spending a whole day with a single charge can be a difficult task. Although there are USB batteries and batteries, as well as phones specially designed […]

Advantages of Android Based Mobile Phones

Technology is an active phenomenon. It always strives for improvement. By the means of new inventions and discoveries, technology is modified and modernized to make our life easier. A mobile phone is one of the great inventions of technological advancement. With the advent of mobile phones, communication becomes easier, simple and cheap. One can talk […]